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    • Poolz Finance
    • Gempad
    • Openfabric
    • Assure DeFi

Technical & Integration Relationships

    • GMX
    • Base Name Service
    • UNCX
    + more to be announced!

By your side, on chain and off

Not only has Octavia been trained on a corpous of Crypto Knowledge, she has direct access to the blockchain and the web, assisting you with research, trading and more.


The First On-Chain AI

Because Octavia has access to the internet and the blockchain she can research and retreive information about tokens, wallets, contracts and more.

Securely Connected to Your Wallet

Octavia can carry out actions on-chain for you, such as buying and selling tokens, scheduling orders, and buying into presales.

Revolutionary AI Memory

Octavia has a real working memory, where she learns about you and your preferences, to work better for you.

Get Access to Octavia

Connect your wallet and visit your Octavia profile to join the Octavia waitlist. Join our community & share your referral link to boost your position on the queue. Check back regularly to see if you have access

Why Octavia?

Octavia is an advanced on-chain AI built by seasoned experts powered by the VIA token.


Experienced Team

The Founder of Octavia was responsible for growing a platform to 3m visits per month & $2.6bn of dApp usage.

Committed to Security.

Octavia has a commitment to security, with all our contracts Audited by Hacken.

KYC & Partnered with Assure DeFi

KYC'd with Assure DeFi and partnering with them to bring project KYC info to Octavia.


MVP Live Now

You can chat to Octavia in our Telegram and Discord and experience an early version of our technology.

The First On-Chain AI

We're building the first on-chain AI, with effectively no competitors in the space, we have a first-movers advantage.

Partnered with The Best

We've partnered with the Largest in the Industry to bring Octavia to market faster.
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