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Octavia's Roadmap

We're building Octavia in three phases; Read, Write and Automate.

Three Stages of Development

  • Read: To assist the user in research, DD and to surface information from the blockchain and internet.
  • Write: Transact on the chain, and write to the web.
  • Automate: Help the user automate their trading by implementing fundamentals-based trading strategies.

Read - Stage 1

The focus of the read stage is to get Octavia to be an excellent research assistant. Able to help users do research, due diligence and reduce the time it takes to complete these tasks via conventional methods. This forms our stable base for the next two, more exciting phases.

Octavia if I bought $700 of Bitcoin 15 days ago, how much do I have now?
Octavia what's the usecase of the $BULLISH token?
Octavia what's the latest crypto news?
Octavia what's going on with CZ and his fight against binance?

Write - Stage 2

Once Octavia is excellent at researching the web, the chain and all of web3. The write phase begins, the purpose of this phase is to get Octavia to the point where she can help the user trade & take actions online and on web3.

Octavia buy me $500 worth of $BULLISH.
Octavia if the founders of CYCLONE are doxxed, ape-in $200.
Octavia go long bitcoin 3x on GMX with $500.
Octavia buy me $500 in Bitcoin when it reaches $30,000
Octavia research $BULLISH and write me a tweet thread on its usecase

Automate - Stage 3

This is where it gets really exciting. Everyone has heard of limit orders, but imagine limit orders for everything. Building on the previous two stages, we can allow Octavia to recurse on herself repeatedly until an action gets taken.

Octavia monitor the news and buy me $500 in bitcoin when there's positive blockchain regulatory news in the US
Octavia buy $1000 in bitcoin 5 days before the next halving.
Octavia sell all my Ethereum the moment there is negative news about the founder, Vitalik Buterin.
Octavia buy $500 in ElonSpaceXShitCoinInu the next time Elon Musk starts talking about going to Mars.
Octavia notify me immediately if CZ posts an image with four fingers held up on X.

Future Features

Here are more features we'll be adding throughout the journey through these three phases.

Conditional Orders

Octavia will be able to place conditional orders on Uniswap and various platforms.

Example: Can you please buy ETH with my USDC once it hits $1300.

Presale Ape-In

Octavia will be able to buy-in to presales for you, on demand.

Example: Can you monitor this presale on pinksale and buy in with $100 USDC once it launches?

Email Access

Give Octavia access to both your contact book and the ability to send emails.

Example: Can you research the latest token launches relating to AI and then email a summary to my Dad with a note telling him that I think AI is the future.

Image Generation

We want to connect Octavia to Stable Diffusion, allowing her to paint and create images for her users.

Example: Can you write a thread about the Base Layer 2, generate a nice image for it, and post it to my twitter?

Buy Tokens and Launches

Let Octavia handle buying launches, IDOs, Presales and tokens for you.

Example: Can you please buy some JOE for me with my BUSD once it hits $4.

Octavia Voice Assistant

Say hey to Octavia wherever you are in the world, whether it's via Android Auto, on the train, or wherever you are. Just say, Hey Octavia.

Example: Do research while driving with handsfree Internet Access with Octavia, or get the latest crypto news.

More Powerful Models

We're working on ways to bring Octavia to more powerful models, ensuring she has access to the latest emerging abilities of AI.

Twitter Access

Octavia will be able to post to twitter on your behalf, making crypto-threads a breeze.

Example: Research BobToken and then make me a twitter thread about how revolutionary having our own personal BOB will be!

Why Octavia?

Octavia is an advanced on-chain AI built by seasoned experts powered by the VIA token.


Experienced Team

The Founder of Octavia was responsible for growing a platform to 3m visits per month & $2.6bn of dApp usage.

Committed to Security.

Octavia has a commitment to security, with all our contracts Audited by Hacken.

KYC & Partnered with Assure DeFi

KYC'd with Assure DeFi and partnering with them to bring project KYC info to Octavia.


MVP Live Now

You can chat to Octavia in our Telegram and Discord and experience an early version of our technology.

The First On-Chain AI

We're building the first on-chain AI, with effectively no competitors in the space, we have a first-movers advantage.

Partnered with The Best

We've partnered with the Largest in the Industry to bring Octavia to market faster.
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